10 Unique Things About Myself

10 Unique Things About Myself:

  1. I’m a Midwestern girl, born and raised.  I can’t imagine living anywhere else!  There’s just something about summer nights and fall bonfires that can’t be beat.  And even though the winters are usually long and cold, I love my Hoosier roots.
  2. Coffee is my BFF.  Okay, not really (that would be sad!), but I do love my coffee.  I’m not really even that picky.  Just fire up the Keurig, hand me some creamer, and I’m a happy, caffeinated gal. 
  3. On family vacations, we would make it a point to find local pretzel factories, potato chip factories, chocolate factories, and breweries… food tours, here we come!  This was all before I met my husband, so he has no idea that on our future family vacations, I’ll be looking up the nearest food tour!
  4. By day, I’m a teacher. Best. Job. Ever.  If I had a chance to do something else though, {blogging aside} I would LOVE to be a graphic designer.  It just wasn’t really a “thing” when I was going through the future-career-dreaming phase. 
  5. I enjoy baking and cooking, but I don’t do it nearly often enough.  {You may have read my #tinykitchenproblems dilemmas, which explains why I don’t.}  I have a lovely, neglected Kitchen-Aid Stand Mixer that would probably glare at me every morning and every evening if it had eyes. 
  6. I love to read nonfiction, especially biographies/autobiographies.  I really find it fascinating to learn about how other people live.  Which leads me to number 6…
  7. I am a reality TV junkie.  I’m sorry, but it’s true.  I don’t even like to admit it sometimes, but I’ll DVR reality shows over actual quality programming.  It just makes me realize how normal my life seems.  Maybe someday I’ll kick the habit…
  8. My family is close-knit, and I have no clue how I would live without them.  My husband and daughter are my daily dose of happiness.  My parents raised my sister and I to cherish family and focus on quality time with each other.  I hope I can instill the same ideals with my daughter.
  9. My favorite vacay spot is Las Vegas! Have you been there? They have the best buffets! Ha!  That’s the real reason I love to take trips out there!  Food aside, the shows and the pools are pretty nice, but really, go for the food.
  10. Blogging has been a very daunting task that I’ve been reluctant to give in to for about a year and a half.  I wish I would have started back then, because I would have had more time to focus on blogging pre-baby.  Better late than never right??  So… here it goes…. 🙂  I hope with all my coffee-loving heart that you enjoy your time here at Pencils and Coffee Cups, because I’m doing this for you!

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